Biden becomes a bit incoherent at G7 summit of world ‘leaders’


Sleepy Joe Sinks Into Dementia at the G7 Clown Show

Biden is still at the G7 embarrassing us as well as giving away our resources.

Biden told the world, “Alliances, and suggested that well maybe you shouldn’t get the quad, meaning India, Japan, Australia, and the United States working together. And maybe you shouldn’t be pushing on “strengthening” the European Union to deal with the West not just to have, and so on.

“And, I said for an American president…, eh, eh, eh, for every president to be sustained or Prime Minister has to represent the values of their country. And I pointed out and I mean this sincerely, we’re unique a country. We’re built on a, we’re unique in a sense, that we’re not based on ethnicity, geography, or religion…” slurred Sleepy Joe.

This is as a court just slapped him down for trying to inculcate systemic racism into a government debt forgiveness plan for farmers, except for white farmers.


WOW, Weird!


In yet another embarrassing Biden misstep, the G7 world ‘leaders’ laughed. PM Johnson just introduced the President of South Africa, Biden told him to introduce him, and Johnson did again. When Johnson said he had introduced him, Biden said he didn’t. That drew laughter and Biden looking goofy and asea.

It’s a clown show with Biden giving away our wealth in between dementia lapses.


Joe is Lost in Cornwall:

Are You Kidding Me, Joe?

Rumor Has It That He Can’t Handle Notecards:

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