Biden to Send $1 Billion in Assistance to Ukraine- 30% Reach the Destination


Three sources told Reuters, “the Biden administration’s next security assistance package for Ukraine is expected to be $1 billion, one of the largest so far, and include munitions for long-range weapons and armored medical transport vehicles.” At the same time, Biden and the Democrat Congress are raising taxes on every American making $30,000 or more.

According to a CBS News documentary, 30% reach their destination.

The $1 billion weapons package will include “munitions for long-range weapons and armored medical transport vehicles,” according to Reuters sources who spoke with the outlet on condition of anonymity.

Specifically, the weapons package will include “munitions for HIMARS, NASAMS surface-to-air missile system ammunition and as many as 50 M113 armored medical transports,” Reuters reported.

Their “assistance” is a proxy war at best and a hot war at worst.

However, Reuters cautioned that the current package, valued at $1 billion, could change before its expected announcement on Monday.

The $1 billion weapons package would come just days after the Pentagon announced it would send Ukraine arms and equipment from the U.S. Department of Defense inventory worth up to $550 million.

Reuters stated:

The new package would be funded under the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA), in which the president can authorize the transfer of articles and services from U.S. stocks without congressional approval in response to an emergency.

HIMARS play a key role in the artillery duel between Ukraine and Russia has been described as “grinding” with very little movement of the front line in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.

In May, Congress authorized $40 billion in economic and military aid for Ukraine after Russian Leader Vladimir Putin invaded the country. That was added to about $20 billion already sent in cash and weapons.

We know cash and weaponry sent to Ukraine go down a “black hole,” and there is NO oversight. US weapons are turning up on the black market. What about sending some assistance to Americans?

Russia said last week that this war is the US against Russia. Who okayed a war with Russia. The US also references China now as well.

Biden surrendered in Afghanistan. His team left tens of billions of dollars worth of equipment (roughly $82 billion) and Americans behind. The team has sent millions in “aid” to the Taliban, and no media or politicians hold his administration to account. Instead, the Biden team gets to compound the mistakes. We lost the Afghanistan war after 20 years, and not one person was fired or held to account. In fact, they are rewarded and are currently in charge of this war.

The homeless could use assistance. Especially homeless veterans. Help them first.

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1 year ago

The real question is where did all that money and aid really go. Most likely to Old Money European Rich People who meet every year in Davos.