China’s Punishments As Biden Steps All Over Pelosi’s Message


Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan garnered some CCP punishments. She had every right to go, but was it wise since the US does not support Taiwan’s independence? Biden stepped all over her message of support for Taiwan. She wanted to show strength, and Biden showed weakness.

Pelosi, at 82 and having difficulty speaking, should have stayed home in any case. The timing wasn’t great.

China cut off defense talks with the U.S. and imposed sanctions on Pelosi.

China says it is canceling or suspending dialogue with the U.S. on issues from climate change to military relations and anti-drug efforts in retaliation for a week’s U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

They assure us that more punishment is coming. According to RT, China’s not picking up phone calls from the Pentagon.

China held threatening military exercises in six zones off Taiwan’s coasts. They essentially blockaded the country.

Punishments Hit Taiwan
Missiles were also fired over Taiwan, as defense officials told state media.

The Foreign Ministry said dialogue between area commanders and defense department heads would be canceled. Talks on military maritime safety are also canceled. The ministry said cooperation on returning illegal immigrants, criminal investigations, transnational crime, illegal drugs, and climate change would be suspended.

China’s military exercises off Taiwan in reaction to Pelosi’s visit earlier this week were of “concern to Taiwan, to us, and to our partners around the world,” spokesman John Kirby said in a statement after Thursday’s formal diplomatic rebuke to Ambassador Qin Gang at the White House.

Pelosi said Friday in Tokyo, the last stop of her Asia tour, that China will not be able to isolate Taiwan by preventing U.S. officials from traveling there. How’s Hong Kong working out these days?

The Presidents of South Korea and Japan didn’t meet with Speaker Pelosi during her visit to their countries.

Taiwan said Saturday that China’s military drills appear to simulate an attack on the self-ruled island after multiple Chinese warships and aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait following U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei that infuriated Beijing.

Taiwan’s armed forces issued an alert, dispatched air and naval patrols around the island. They activated land-based missile systems in response to the Chinese exercises. This information came via Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense on Twitter.

Punishments Could Hit Japan

China fired missiles near Japan. It left little doubt that Tokyo would be pulled into any potential war over Taiwan. It would be part of the U.S.-led alliance likely to defend the island.

Tokyo’s Defense Ministry said that China’s military launched five missiles that landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. That was on Thursday. It had never happened before. On a visit to Cambodia, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken cited those launches in calling China’s moves a “significant escalation.” He said the moves against Japan were “understandably causing them, and all of us, grave concern.”

The launches were part of exercises that simulated a blockade of Taiwan, and the inclusion of targets near Japan sent an unmistakable message, said Masahisa Sato, who heads the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s foreign-affairs committee.

“If you’re talking about surrounding Taiwan or imposing a blockade, of course, in that case, it means you’re bringing Japan into it as well,” said Mr. Sato, a former army officer. China’s missiles “have made it plain for the eye to see that our outlying islands and Taiwan are in the same war zone,” he said.

Imagine Biden, Austin, and Milley leading that war.
The US Does Not Support Taiwan

Yet, Pelosi told Taiwan they could count on us. No, they can’t.
It was also my high honor to receive from President of Taiwan the Order of Propitious Clouds with Special Grand Cordon. Make no mistake: America remains unwavering in our commitment to the people of Taiwan– now & for decades to come. Aug 3 2022


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An observation
An observation
1 year ago

I watched the videos closely but I didn’t notice any transsexual commanders, or any sailors or airmen with lipstick and high heels. How strange! Their military, with so much toxic masculinity, seems singularly focused on defeating adversaries.

1 year ago

All Pelosi did was give China a reason to Invade Taiwan. With friends like Pelosi, you don’t need enemies. I’m wondering why Taiwan even allowed the visit?

1 year ago

If Trump was President, none of this would be happening. China takes advantage of Bidens and Americas’s weakness at this time.