Biden Turns His Back on Americans on His Way to a Billionaire Compound


Biden is still turning his back on the American people, most likely because he’s only capable or allowed to read off a teleprompter or from an earpiece. This so-called president is very dishonest. He is causing prices to soar and acting like it’s just what happens sometimes. Natural gas will soon hit $6 throughout the nation. Gasoline is already over $6 a gallon in downtown LA. Watch:

There is nothing wrong with the goal of the cleanest energy possible but that is not what is happening here. Alternative energy is not ready for the abandonment of fossil fuels. The cleanest energy is nuclear, which they will not do. The Left is simply destroying our energy sector, our lifestyle, and our economy. The result will be a socialist or communist economy.

The most ridiculous thing Biden says here is he worked hard this week to solve the problem. He doesn’t work, period. Have you seen his daily schedule? What does he even understand about what is going on?

All he is doing is releasing oil reserves that Trump secured at a low price. He’s actually been doing it for two months and shipping the oil to Asia.

He solves nothing. He can’t even talk. It’s a disgrace. Thank a Democrat and never Trumpers for this. Watch:

The inept man wouldn’t answer a question as he headed off to Nantucket to hang with his rich billionaire friends via a quick stop at a food kitchen. This is all while he’s driving up prices for all of us working people who are all races and creeds.

He turned his back on us in favor of enriching his elite leftist allies with a bill that pays them all off. Watch:

Fox correspondent Peter Doocy asked Marie Antoinette Psaki about his glorious plans with billionaires this weekend and she said that turkey is only $1 more. [“Let them eat turkey!”]

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