Biden Wants $22.5 Billion for COV After Wasting Trillions Ostensibly on COV


A lot of Biden’s American Rescue Plan, meant to relieve Americans of their suffering during the lockdown, went to luxuries and union payoffs. There was the 6.6 million spent on a golf course, $140 million on a luxury hotel, $2 million on a ski slope, and cash for sports stadiums.

Washington, D.C. used its relief money to impose more of a cost burden on its residents – spending $2.5 million to hire more parking cops.


Biden has already requested another $22.5 billion, warning that without it they won’t be able to keep up their supply of vaccines and coronavirus therapeutics.

It is money we don’t have and it will be wasted on payoffs to allies and to build up his domestic socialism program. There is also a lot of unspent money from prior bills and Democrats won’t give much in the way of specifics on how much.

We do know that there is at least $300 billion unassigned from the $1.9 trillion. Another $240 billion has been promised to states that are wasting it, and $100 billion will be used to bail out state pension funds.

Democrats insisted that state and local governments are allowed to spend the money without limits and they did. They wasted some of the billions in COVID relief from Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Republicans balked but they have no power.

A sudden $140 million cash infusion, officials in Broward County, Florida, recently broke ground on a high-end hotel that will have views of the Atlantic Ocean and an 11,000-square-foot spa.

In New York, Dutchess County pledged $12 million for renovations of a minor league baseball stadium to meet requirements the New York Yankees set for their farm teams.

And in Massachusetts, lawmakers delivered $5 million to pay off debts of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate in Boston, a nonprofit established to honor the late senator that has struggled financially.

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