Biden wants to go back to the talking filibuster of 1917, when he was young


The filibuster has changed over the years but it was always intended to give the minority a voice. The Left wants to eliminate it or change it so it has little weight. The talking filibuster was eliminated in Woodrow Wilson’s day but Biden falsely claims it was around when he was around in the 1960s.

Biden told ABC News that his plan is to go back to the talking filibuster during an interview with George Stephanopoulos. Obviously, in this time and place, with Democrats moving to the hard-left, the talking filibuster would have no value at all. No one would listen or care. It simply wouldn’t matter at all.

If the Left gets this done, Democrats will pass any tyrannical bill they want.

The talking filibuster was stopped in Woodrow Wilson’s time before Biden was born unless he’s older than we thought.

The change in 1975 was only to go from needing 67 votes to invoke cloture to 60 votes. Joe must have read the teleprompter incorrectly.

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