Biden warns “no compromise” on transgenders, blames Trump for deaths


Presidential candidate Joe Biden wants transgenders to rule over the majority, regardless of what differing opinions the majority may have. He said, “there is no room for compromise.”

“Let’s be clear: Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time. There is no room for compromise when it comes to basic human rights,” the Democratic presidential candidate wrote in a tweet Saturday.

Biden has said in the past that he supports the Equality Act, a Democratic-supported bill that would require schools to include biological males who identify as transgender on girls’ sports teams. It would be his top legislative priority.

The bill isn’t about equality, it’s about giving privileges to people who say they are something they are not.

We see how that works with biological men winning in women’s athletic events. It will eventually destroy women’s sports.

He wants to make them some type of hyper-elite class that rules over the rest of us. Whenever you make someone elite and give them privileges (as opposed to equality), you are of necessity, discriminating against those not in that class.

This is Marxism.


Joe Biden is blaming President Trump for the deaths of five Black transgender women whose deaths had nothing to do with the President.

There were 22 transgenders killed in 2019,  22 in 2018, 27 in 2017, 27 transgenders murdered in 2016 and 21 killed in 2015 (19 were of color). The MSM didn’t bother with numbers before 2015, but the numbers aren’t changing under the President. Some of these transgenders who were murdered were engaging in a dangerous lifestyle.

He wants transgenders in the military.

Bernie is leading in New Hampshire and Iowa, so Biden has to come up with more extreme views:



  1. Were I a liberal, I would be thrilled by the choices available for Democratic Presidential candidate. There is Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, both or either of which look as if they could drop dead in their sleep any day now, even without Billory’s help. Then there’s the gay guy, 3-4 chicks (at least they identify as women this week) and Yang coming up the back end.

    Yes, as a liberal there is great offerings of choice. As one with a fair amount of common sense, I’ll travel the road less traveled for MAGA 2020. I’ve seen what President Trump has done even with the media and the liberals hounding him even before he was elected.It’s shameful political favoritism on the liberal side that allowed a very good President to go thru what’s gone on so far. It may well be that political favoritism will stop the impeachment from going any further and allow the American people to make their own judgement on their President instead of allowing a small group of elite hypocrites to attempt to manhandle the Constitution and our rights as citizens.

    Remember what’s happened come election time.

  2. Oh, and Biden is a moron if he thinks to tie his star to a group of people that make around 3-5% of the population and expects any kind of power from their always open mouths. The very idea of a Presidential nominee tying themselves to a transvestite pervert or openly gay pervert is beneath my contempt. The idea that a very small portion of the populace thinks this kind of activity is acceptable and should rule all of society is laughable. Act as you will, dress as you will, but know there are many of us that believe your kind to be a sickness on the world, not a choice or a right but a sickness..

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