NYC likely to allow visa & green card holders to vote in municipal elections


Illinois admits they found some illegal ballots since they put automatic voter registration in place, but New York is going one better. New York State has that and the city will soon let foreigners vote in local elections.

Gotham wants one million foreigners here on visas and green cards to vote in municipal elections.

A new bill introduced before the New York City Council on Thursday would allow it. It would permanently cement a leftist majority in the city.


Sponsored by Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, a far-far-left Manhattan Democrat, the bill (Intro. 1867) would extend the franchise to green card and work permit holders who can show they have lived in the five boroughs for at least 30 days.

30 days, wow!

It has the support of most Council Members and the crazy Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

“The immigrant voting right will be expanded, [it] will make our democracy stronger because it will connect close to 1 million New Yorkers with the right to vote,” Rodriguez said, pointing to his own past as a green card holder for years before he was naturalized. He appeared at a rally on the steps of City Hall with advocates from more than 40 groups to launch the #OurCityOurVote campaign, just prior to the bill’s introduction at a City Council meeting.

The Disenfranchised

It’s not a democracy Rodriguez, it’s a Constitutional Republic. Not for long if this keeps up, obviously.

Rodriguez says this will give voice to disenfranchised immigrants [visa and green card holders have a voice being allowed to live in NYC].

The excuse is foreigners pay taxes. Yes, they pay taxes for living here, not voting here.

“Allowing more people to vote does not weaken our democracy. It makes it stronger. It brings more people to the table and encourages more involvement,” Rodriguez said.

What it does is give leftist Democrats permanent one-party electoral rule.

They have this lie they promote that they are bringing back a historical precedent. The leftists falsely claim noncitizens were allowed to vote in municipal elections.

“This idea that we’re talking about is not a new idea,” said Council Member Carlos Menchaca, a Brooklyn Democrat who chairs the Committee on Immigration. “We are restoring this ability for our residents who are not citizens to vote.” Other jurisdictions across the country also allow some form of noncitizen voting in municipal polls, including in Takoma Park, Maryland and San Francisco.

They just want to get voted into office in perpetuity.

Suddenly they care about American principles. “The American principle that we all stand by is no taxation without representation.” The foreigners could leave if they so choose.

Corey Johnson, New York City

Though the bill has more than the requisite votes to pass, it has yet to receive the support of Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

We know how he will vote. He said, “Given that it’s really important that we do things by the book, and also given that we have a xenophobic, racist president who has weaponized [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] across the country, I want to be really careful about how we do things.”

This is how the corruption of the vote begins. These foreigners take away the vote of citizens. Then the foreigners vote illegally or the right is extended to the state.

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