Schiff wants a ‘fair’ trial with his witnesses — says GOP witnesses are ‘irrelevant’


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the lead Democratic impeachment manager, has a new tactic to force the calling of witnesses. He claims that without witnesses, there is no exoneration.

With the Democrats, there won’t be an exoneration no matter what the Republicans do. They might as well end it.

Schiff also claims his witnesses are relevant, but the GOP list of witnesses is not.


Adam Schiff, who deprived the President of due process throughout the House impeachment, now claims the trial can only be fair if witnesses are called. They refused to do it in House where it is supposed to be done.

“If they are successful in depriving the country of a fair trial, there is no exoneration,” Schiff said during an exclusive interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“Americans will recognize that the country did not get what the founders intended,” the representative from California said.

In their article and in the interview, NBC News supported Schiff’s claim that the Republican senators are afraid to buck the President, which is not the case.

“It’s going to require moral courage to stand up to the president. And this is a wrathful and vindictive president, I don’t think there’s any doubt about it,”  said on “Meet the Press.”

“If we can’t even get the senators to call witnesses in a trial, it shows just how difficult that moral courage is.”

It has nothing to do with moral courage. Republicans will need moral courage to buck the Democrats and the pressure they and their media are putting on them.


In addition to wanting his witnesses called, Schiff insists Republican witnesses are irrelevant and should not be called.



Senator Hawley drafted a motion to subpoena Adam Schiff, the whistleblower, Joe, and Hunter Biden. He has good reasons. Schiff lied about the whistleblower, who started the Ukraine impeachment inquiry. In addition, the whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, is not a whistleblower — he is a leaker. Democrats themselves spent four days of the Senate trial making Joe and Hunter Biden part of their case. Of course, they should all be called if there are any witnesses.

NBC News presents the entire story from a one-sided left-wing point of view. The media is a disgrace.



  1. I thought the House stated they had prove their two articles of impeachment and that is why they rushed the vote through. could they have been lying ? It is not up to the Senate to do the work of the House. ridiculous.
    the American people are tired of the BS we want our representatives to work for the safety and betterment of the American people not spend time and taxpayer resources on the one sided political battle hit job. enough.

  2. For those that didn’t listen like me, I went back and listened to the attorney team for Trump, you will learn a lot. Schiff (Liddle) is one evil bastard. You won’t find it on Google,..but DuckDuck will;) Rothchilds, etc.

  3. Well, that is how the commie/dims dealt with the repub “witnesses” in the House. Treated them as though they were irrelevant. Now the commie/dims actually come out and say it. That’s refreshing in a way.
    I’ve always know where they stand, now there is no doubt what they are up to. A kangaroo court which Stalin would be proud of. Next it’ll be coercion of their witnesses to say what they want them to say. Oh, wait a minute, they already did that with the “whistleblower”, and who knows how many of the others.
    Time to end the circus and bring out the indictments from Barr/Dunham. At least a few of them.
    Just sayin’.

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