Biden Will Force Taxpayers to Pay Climate Reparations to the World


Joe Biden agreed to pay climate REPARATIONS with US tax dollars. He’s very generous with tax dollars even though we are deeply in debt. House Democrats pushed for this, even though we’re deeply in debt.

This is insane and Joe Biden is out to destroy this country.

Joe Biden

Ilhan Omar and the other lawmakers, which included Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and House Natural Resources Committee Chair Raúl Grijalva, told the Biden administration to support the United Nations’ “loss and damage” financing framework, according to a letter first acquired by The Washington Post.


The US will pay up to $1 billion to compensate developing countries for global warming, but coal plant-building, gas-guzzling China will not have to pay into a global fund set up for reparations. This is $1 billion to start.

The fund, negotiated at the UN’s COP27 Summit, aka the “loss and damage” fund, was blocked by previous administrations.

The deal is already more than a day late, as nearly 200 nations were anxious for an accord they could bill as a step forward in the faux fight against climate change. This money will go to thugs who ruin their own countries and there will be no accountability.

The nations involved are largely from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific

Biden allows the world to come to the US illegally and now we also have to pay them for trumped up reasons despite the $31 trillion debt. Because we are successful, we must be punished.

Biden was granted $1 billion to help developing countries tackle climate change, although that cash will probably not go into this fund.

The president also faces having his plans stymied by the GOP-majority house, which would have to approve any funding. The GOP better shut down all funding for this garbage.

At this rate, we will soon become an undeveloped nation.

This has Barack Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

Csar Kerry doesn’t care that we are in debt. It’s insane:

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1 year ago

Republicans are already moving to investigate the Traitor Joe Biden Crime Family and by extension the Democrat Party. We will know if they are really serious about this in the next 6 weeks. In the mean time Democrats are going to try to steal all they can.