Trump Will Be Reinstated on Twitter – Update


“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated, Mr. Musk announced on Twitter this evening. Mr. Musk suggested the poll was his version of Occam’s Razor.

He said there were 15,085,458 votes; 51.8% voted to reinstate Donald Trump, and 48.2% voted against it. About an hour before the poll closed, Mr. Musk said 134 million saw the poll.

Will the rest of the Twitter staff bolt? He’ll have five people working for him [just kidding]. Some of the advertisers said they wouldn’t place ads if Trump returned.

As for Donald Trump, before the decision was made, he said he liked Mr. Musk, but he has his own TruthSocial and will continue posting on it.


AOC responded that the “last time he was here, this platform was used to incite an insurrection.”

No, AOC it’s used by Antifa and Black Lives Matter to arrange riots they call protests. It’s used by flash mobs to rob stores.

Gangs organize on Twitter, and our enemies use it for propaganda, and I include you as the enemy, AOC.


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6 months ago

First, just over 15 Million voiced their opinion in regards to Trump on Twitter. This makes be wonder just how big and influential Twitter really is. Then when you look at how WOKE the Twitter Culture is, how did Trump get 51.8% of the Vote? That speaks volumes. Woke is not the Majority. Very few Conservatives I know are on Twitter, but almost every Liberal I know is.

Liberals are Loud. The have no morals or sense of fair play because they crave Power. Personally, I think hardcore Liberals are only about 10% of the population and another 15% or 20% go along with them because they are lazy and enjoy the free stuff Liberals give them with other people’s money.

In Red States there was a clear Red Wave. In many States it was a Tsunami. There are 8 to 10 Big Blue States where Liberals have made it legal to cheat and they crush the Conservative Majorities in those States with their “legalized” Tyranny. Look at New York. People who can, are leaving in droves, mostly going to Florida and Florida is now Bright Red. Due to Liberal arrogance, they took their eye off the ball and lost seats in New York from the voters who can’t afford to leave. I have faith that Americans will crush Liberalism. The will Destroy the World Economic Forum Cult and the Globalist New World Order. Unfortunately, it will take time because a Liberal will cut off their nose to spite their face if they think it will give them power.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

Trump can dual post.

Twitter employees cannot afford to quit. Notice how the clear reality is never reported. The area is very expensive. The job market is declining. Big tech is letting go tens of thousands. Yet we have our junk media and pop culture saying these employees will all quit and sacrifice their well beings because of Trump. The woke are not nearly that principled.

Reality Checked
Reality Checked
6 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Even if a bunch of ideologues did bolt, that would open the door to hire workers who are a better fit. The biggest problem I see is that most non-liberal people, including tech workers, don’t want to live in downtown-Anywhere, California.

Let’s face it, the company is becoming apolitical, which will eventually sink in with both parties. There were people who worked there simply because it was an intolerant, ultra liberal echo chamber with a swanky coffee shop and free lunches. Under the new management, those people needed to go. The company got bought, and it isn’t liberal anymore.

6 months ago

Musk can always move Twitter to Texas! Texas Twitter, it has a ring to it.