Biden’s EPA Moves to Shut Down All Coal & Natural Gas Plants


The EPA creates statistics out of whole cloth and then uses them to justify insane policies. The latest nonsense conjured up in a computer justifies the complete shutdown of natural gas and coal. They avoid Congress by implementing rules that should only come about with legislation. These people in charge are a threat to democracy. These new rules are the quickest way to destroy this country.

A Kentucky congressman plans to fight it:


We haven’t built coal and natural gas plants for years, and Biden’s administration plans to make existing plants unworkable. You and I didn’t vote for this.

Biden agreed with the G7 countries to shut down all coal-powered plants by 2035. Natural gas plants are going, too. He signed the agreement like a dictator.

If you notice, India, China, Mexico, and 160 other countries are not signing up for this. They will continue to run their dirty plants. China builds new coal plants every week, and they’re dirty. However, everyone will have to buy coal from countries like China as the West shuts down clean coal and gas plants.

This will destroy our industries. We will be lucky to have food. We need coal and gas to run our windmills and solar energy, much lauded by the left.

The United States and Germany use scrubbers on their plants, making our coal extremely clean.

Disaster Awaits

Europe and the US consider carbon dioxide a pollutant, but it’s the stuff of life. It’s not a pollutant.

What’s their answer? They want everyone to buy dirty coal and natural gas from other countries while destroying our energy sector. Our energy sector has made us secure and wealthy. It keeps our national security strong.

While countries with dirty coal plants are built, more than half of our coal power plants are rotted shells.

If we sell coal and natural gas from our plants, we are helping the earth by sending clean fuel around the world.

Rotting Coal Plant

Many of us have problems with Donald Trump, and I’m not talking about the trumped-up criminal cases. I hope most people by now see that they are lawfare cases.

Women don’t like the way he talks, and many of us don’t like how he handled the vaccine, which he is still promoting. He’s made mistakes. However, there is no comparison between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. There are huge differences in the economy, the border, energy, and lifestyle. He did those well.

The undemocratic Democrats want to shut down our free speech. They are trying to force speech. No matter whether you’re LGBT or not, you should not want the government to tell you what words you are allowed to use, such as incorrect pronouns.

They want our guns so we cannot protect ourselves while they defund our police and make them less available. They regale communist rioting in the streets but spend four years hunting down people who wandered into the capital on January 6th (we know some rioted and deserve punishment, but most didn’t).

These people are the most undemocratic leaders we have ever had in this country. They violate the Bill of Rights, break laws, and twist laws to get their way. We need our energy as it is until they have something better to replace it. If they do not, this will destroy our country, our industries, and our way of life.

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