Biden with his obvious earpiece being fed answers?


Blinders or Trained Not to See?

by radio host Karen Kataline

A picture of Joe Biden with an obvious earpiece and a wire was used by AOL News to post a Reuters story on his comments on Saturday about “Dreamers.”

Copyright laws prevent posting photo here. See it and my Tweet by clicking here. [Sentinel Editor’s note: We are allowed to post tweets and have it below]

Here’s the first paragraph of that story:

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) -President Joe Biden on Saturday vowed to preserve a program that protects from deportation hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the United States as children, promising to appeal a judge’s “deeply disappointing” ruling invalidating it and urging Congress to provide them a path to citizenship.”

As we’ve seen, stock pictures are often used (and doctored) for maximum political impact, so it’s hard to tell if the picture is one from the actual announcement. If not, what is its true origin?

It’s also worth wondering if this was an oversight or if it wasn’t thought to be a problem to portray a President, already considered to be in an alarming state of mental decline, being fed answers to questions from the press.

To make matters more confusing, Biden’s schedule shows he was at Camp David on Saturday and had no public events.

Regardless of all those pesky things we’re not supposed to notice, let’s keep paying attention anyway, shall we?


(Editor’s note #1: In an attempt to verify if this is how the President appeared while making his remarks regarding DACA we were not able to find any footage at all of the actual speech. If you come across it, please let us know.)

(Editor’s note #2:  We are still careful not to infringe on copyright laws but the Tweet linked above may be taken down because social media keeps infringing on our rights to free expression and the free flow of ideas and opinions.)

(Editor’s note #3: UPDATE  After this piece appeared in Conservative Daily News, an eagle-eyed reader, Ben identified the likely origin of the picture. My response: Is there a reason to ever believe the propaganda media about anything?)

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Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
10 months ago

Yet we still can’t see who has their arm up his rear making his lips move.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mutant Ryeff

The globalist job of being Dementia Joe’s ventriloquist has been filled by an inarticulate handler and/or Joe is as deaf as stone post.

10 months ago

With a higher resolution camera, we might be able to see the puppet strings.