Blacks and Hispanics are most likely to not get vaccinated


The constant hammering away at Republican states and the South as slow to get on board with vaccinations ignores the facts.

Overall in the U.S., Asians lead with 62 percent vaccinated. Whites are at 47 percent, Hispanics 39 percent, and blacks 34 percent, the CDC reports.


We aren’t criticizing them for not getting vaccinated as the media is, but this is the reality.

Much to the frustration of the hysterical left, unvaccinated Americans are the least concerned about the Delta variant, reports Politico.


While the government operatives blame conservatives and the South for it, who remembers Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Andrew Cuomo, the nursing home killer claiming they wouldn’t trust a Trump vaccine? The media agreed for the most part. It poisoned the well.

It was only a week ago when Dr. Anthony Fauci eagerly joined in with a red state bashing, claiming the unvaccinated are refusing out of ignorance and ideology. He eagerly trashed conservatives and the South, gleefully ignoring the fact that many of the unvaccinated in affected areas in the red states are heavily populated by minorities.


We were told in the beginning to not buy masks so first responders could buy them.  We were also told that masks would not protect the general public from the virus.

Then we were told to get masks. Eventually, we had to wear them indoors. Then the officials told us we had to wear them outdoors with no one around.

If only we followed the science became the rallying cry.

Science showed children really weren’t a vector, but the officials shut the schools down anyway.

Sunshine is a disinfectant they said, but then they banned us from parks, beaches, and the entire public square.

All the variants that were going to kill us: British, South African, Brazilian, Indian, oh, wait, that’s racist to say where it originated, so now the Delta variant will kill us.

You were not allowed to say COV came from a lab, but now it looks extremely likely it came from the Wuhan lab in China. You probably didn’t hear much of that from the media.

Vaccinated people are getting the virus but if you don’t get the vaccine, you might soon be banned from work and children. You might even get a visit from two government agents wanting to inject you.

Then mainstream media outlets, via their social media feeds, hyped people dying after getting the vaccine, despite those people dying from other causes.

Mainstream media is calling conservatives and Tucker Carlson murderers for talking about some of the negatives of the drug. So far, half of the people who got the Delta Variant are vaccinated, but they are mostly asymptomatic.

Now we have the lambda variant, and soon there will be another variant. We’re all going to die from the latest one.


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