Here are th institutions Americans trust — not many!


Forty-three percent of Americans are extremely proud and 26% are very proud to be Americans; the latter figure is up from 21% last year. It has recovered slightly from a historic low.

  • Of Democrats, only 62% are extremely or very proud of the USA, up from 51% in 2019,
  • of Independents, 65% are extremely or very proud, down from 67% in 2019,
  • and of Republicans, 87% are extremely or very proud, down from 95% in 2019.

A lot of this depends on who is in office and if that person aligns with their values. However, when we get to trust in our institutions, things go downhill. It seems that officials being lying dirtbags does have consequences.


Since only about half of Americans have been vaccinated against COV-19, this poll gives us possible answers as to why. Only 44% of Americans trust the medical system, down from 51% a year ago.

Maybe the government officials should stop politicizing the medical system and every other issue?

A total of 16 institutions were surveyed. Of the 16, only three had the trust of a majority of Americans– small business (70%), the military (69%), and the police (51%).

Last year, trust in the police was down to 48%.

Congress beat out cockroaches again at 12%. Most polls have 9% of Americans in favor of cockroaches.


  • Small business 70%
  • The military 69%
  • Police 51%
  • Medical system 44%
  • The presidency 38%
  • Church or organized religion 37%
  • The U.S. Supreme Court 36%
  • Banks 33%
  • Public schools 32%
  • Large technology companies 29%
  • Organized labor 28%
  • Newspapers 21%
  • The criminal justice system 20%
  • Big business 18%
  • Television news 16%
  • Congress 12%

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why and if this survey is fairly accurate. So much of this has to do with the media and the politicization of these institutions.

Gallup cites the bottom line and in part, they write:

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. in 2020, it caused great upheaval in most aspects of Americans’ lives. It also resulted in an overall uptick in average confidence across 14 institutions, driven largely by sharp one-year increases — among the largest Gallup has measured — for the U.S. medical system and public schools. Now, with the worst of the pandemic seemingly over and the intensity of the racial justice protests subsiding, Americans’ confidence has retreated to more typical levels seen in recent years.

Our institutions have been looked at with a jaundiced eye for a long time. There is a lot of corruption. We currently have a lot of officials in these institutions who obviously cannot be trusted.

The teachers’ unions are going to fight to keep an unAmerican, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic Critical Race Theory and 1619 in the schools. They don’t care that many parents don’t want it.

Our generals, like Milley turned on Donald Trump to win favor with the Biden administration. The Pentagon is WOKE, and that does nothing for trust.

Big Business, the media, and the tech industry are in cahoots with the government to turn us into socialists and most Americans know it.

Congress doesn’t fight for Americans and we all know it. They fight for their donors.

They all think they can lie without any accountability, but it shows up here.

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11 months ago

I am always proud to be an American. Until maybe 2 years ago, I was proud of the Military: now I actually worry about the Woke Officer corp. In the last 50 years, I have not been at all been proud of Congress or the Supreme Court. Both seem to have a problem reading the Constitution. I have never trusted the FBI; I saw what Hoover was doing in real-time and nothing has really changed. Over the years, the Bureaucrat State has destroyed all the little bit of credibility they had back to the 1960s.

At least back in the 1950’s and early 60’s, people knew what the rules of society were. The late 60’s brought social anarchy and it just continues to get worse. Government can’t make the rules of society, only churches can. The rules of a society can’t be imposed by the sword, they must be universally excepted through persuasion. Until we become a God Fearing Country again, we will live in anarchy without the common bonds needed for a prosperous Nation. In 1960, confidence in the Church was on the order of 66%, but Government made the Church and morality very political in the late 1960’s.

The National moral code of America was destroyed by the decision in Roe v Wade. In one decision, the Supreme Court destroyed the moral fabric of America. If you lived back then you saw it as clear as day. If America is to move forward again, America needs moral issues decided at the State and County level, not in DC. One thing Covid did was cause Liberals to question the one size fits all stupidity of Big Federal Government. As Blue States are seeing the Freedoms and Prosperity that those of us in Red States have, the Liberals are starting to ask the right questions again. This has Communists Democrat Politicians and the RINOs petrified.

Back In The Ring
Back In The Ring
11 months ago

I trust none of it and all that happy democracy horseshit went out the window last November.
We’re all South Africans now and there is no going back without a ferocious fight.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
11 months ago

I loved this part !

`…Congress beat out cockroaches again at 12%. Most polls have 9% of Americans in favor of cockroaches. …

11 months ago

I’ll put it this way. Any country, or society, has as its foundation the principle of “equal justice”. Everything depends on that and originates from that. Without it, there can be no future of a country. Today we find that one of the “paraders” in the Capitol was sentenced to EIGHT months in prison for obstructing a legal proceeding. By the way, that charge was never intended to applied in such a manner as this. All this is nothing less than Flynn times Thousands. So, yes, I am definitely one who now hates and despises This country. How many “obstructions” have occurred in that Capitol, even recently. Yet not a single person has ever been sentenced to any prison time, Until Now. What was all that at Trump’s inauguration and all the riots across the country. For those who broke the window that Ashli Babbett crawled through, and similar crimes, I would definitely support incarceration. But for the vast majority who did little more than a “tour” of the Capitol, this is beyond disgusting. It IS nothing but political persecution. No longer can anyone, member of Congress, or others, complain about Putin or any other “dictator”. This country isn’t one damn bit better, in fact, it is much worse. We only talk the good game.

11 months ago

Some years ago Jackie Chan made the statement that the US is a corrupt country. At the time I was offended by his remark, but now I have to say, I fully agree with him. These days I can’t think of one single sector that is spared from complete corruption. Even in this “conservative” county it is no better, as we found out with the onset of Covid. When it was revealed 84% of Covid deaths were in Long-Term facilities the County decided to prevent any further disclosures. Neither would they answer any inquiries. This isn’t the only area they are shady about.

When it comes to the Federal Government there are so many areas and aspects it would take a large book to cover just a good percentage. I do think we can now say the only purpose of Government is to enrich those who have some type of association with the power elite, be it family or friends. For example, why does the Pentagon spend hundreds of Billions on “consultants”. It suggests a great deal of personnel in the Pentagon aren’t up to the task.

The many other agencies appear to be as corrupt, if not worse. There are corporations, as the one I worked for, that every few years required the person to essentially justify their jobs.

This country has the ‘mechanisms’ to be a great country, but over the years those in power have corrupted the system to the point it can no longer work, unless you have ‘connections’ to that system. I suspect the numbers are as high due to many Americans having a lack of interest in learning about their Government. Look no further than the many comments about “Coffee”. That lack of interest is precisely why corruption is so widespread. The only reason Congress is so low is likely due to each side going after the other and that gets the most coverage. Few people go and ‘search’ out the news and are therefore ignorant of the true state of affairs. At the end of the day, if this country becomes a failed state the masses will wake up and say, how in hell did this happen. Well, you didn’t care when the symptoms were plain to see.