Here are th institutions Americans trust — not many!


Forty-three percent of Americans are extremely proud and 26% are very proud to be Americans; the latter figure is up from 21% last year. It has recovered slightly from a historic low.

  • Of Democrats, only 62% are extremely or very proud of the USA, up from 51% in 2019,
  • of Independents, 65% are extremely or very proud, down from 67% in 2019,
  • and of Republicans, 87% are extremely or very proud, down from 95% in 2019.

A lot of this depends on who is in office and if that person aligns with their values. However, when we get to trust in our institutions, things go downhill. It seems that officials being lying dirtbags does have consequences.


Since only about half of Americans have been vaccinated against COV-19, this poll gives us possible answers as to why. Only 44% of Americans trust the medical system, down from 51% a year ago.

Maybe the government officials should stop politicizing the medical system and every other issue?

A total of 16 institutions were surveyed. Of the 16, only three had the trust of a majority of Americans– small business (70%), the military (69%), and the police (51%).

Last year, trust in the police was down to 48%.

Congress beat out cockroaches again at 12%. Most polls have 9% of Americans in favor of cockroaches.


  • Small business 70%
  • The military 69%
  • Police 51%
  • Medical system 44%
  • The presidency 38%
  • Church or organized religion 37%
  • The U.S. Supreme Court 36%
  • Banks 33%
  • Public schools 32%
  • Large technology companies 29%
  • Organized labor 28%
  • Newspapers 21%
  • The criminal justice system 20%
  • Big business 18%
  • Television news 16%
  • Congress 12%

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why and if this survey is fairly accurate. So much of this has to do with the media and the politicization of these institutions.

Gallup cites the bottom line and in part, they write:

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. in 2020, it caused great upheaval in most aspects of Americans’ lives. It also resulted in an overall uptick in average confidence across 14 institutions, driven largely by sharp one-year increases — among the largest Gallup has measured — for the U.S. medical system and public schools. Now, with the worst of the pandemic seemingly over and the intensity of the racial justice protests subsiding, Americans’ confidence has retreated to more typical levels seen in recent years.

Our institutions have been looked at with a jaundiced eye for a long time. There is a lot of corruption. We currently have a lot of officials in these institutions who obviously cannot be trusted.

The teachers’ unions are going to fight to keep an unAmerican, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic Critical Race Theory and 1619 in the schools. They don’t care that many parents don’t want it.

Our generals, like Milley turned on Donald Trump to win favor with the Biden administration. The Pentagon is WOKE, and that does nothing for trust.

Big Business, the media, and the tech industry are in cahoots with the government to turn us into socialists and most Americans know it.

Congress doesn’t fight for Americans and we all know it. They fight for their donors.

They all think they can lie without any accountability, but it shows up here.

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