Biden Won’t “Be Intimidated” So He’s Sending Pelosi to Taiwan


The US is currently deeply involved in hotspots that could trigger very dangerous wider conflicts — Taiwan, Ukraine, Serbia/Kosovo, and Iran. So, what are we told is the real problem? Isolationism, of course, is the leading problem.

The White House on Monday said the Biden administration would “not be intimidated” by China’s “saber-rattling” but also said the United States does not back Taiwan’s independence.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby reassured the ChiComs with his comments today. “We do not support Taiwan’s independence.”

As an aside, China probably isn’t going to shoot down Speaker Pelosi’s plane as their state paper suggested. They’ll do something. Maybe they’ll build 600 more coal plants or some more fake islands in the South China Sea. They could stop making our drugs or shipping goods to us. The Chinese could also sell our debt.

Kirby told reporters, “We have repeatedly said that we oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side…we have said that we do not support Taiwan independence…we have said that we expect cross-straight differences to be resolved by peaceful means.”

To be fair, they aren’t caving by saying they don’t support independence. Both Republicans and Democrats have said for decades that they don’t support Taiwan’s independence.

At the same time, Speaker Pelosi is heading for Taiwan to stir up more antagonism. A reporter asked Kirby about people urging Pelosi to not go to Taiwan. Kirby seemed surprised and said, “who urged her not to go?”

Well, John, it was the president himself.

No Drama?

Kirby thinks the White House has been clear, and nothing has changed. There is “no drama to talk to”? Then why won’t they announce her visit to Taiwan officially? We’re not intimidated?

Biden keeps changing his position on Taiwan. This last response looks weak. Pelosi has to go to Taiwan now.

There was an insurrection on the Greens today, and Trump encouraged it!

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