Col. MacGregor Addresses the Pelosi-Pocalypse in Taiwan


Col. Doug MacGregor was on Tucker this evening and he is a voice of reason in the dangerous incident developing in Taiwan.

Tucker introduced the segment by asking MacGregor if the US is in any position to engage in war with China and Col. MacGregor responded “of course not”. This administration is probably the weakest “and most irresponsible administration in living memory,” he believes.

“We don’t have anyone who qualifies as a statesman,” he said. Statesmen “advance US interests at the least cost to the American people.” These people are posers. They are “posturing – and posturing is not statesmanship.”

During World War II, The Taiwan was China’s unsinkable aircraft carrier of the Armed Forces. All the major invasions of China were launched from Taiwan. Beijing will not allow Taiwan to become a garrison state for any foreign forces. If they think we will ally with Taiwan in a dispute, then we will be at war with China for the reasons he outlined.

We are grossly overstretched and we don’t have the infrastructure to win a war with China, MacGregor said. China would love nothing better for us to sail to their area of the world and then destroy our ships. We are outmatched on the sea.

MacGregor then noted that we ignored Russia or treated them contemptuously [over Minsk 2]. And they were always serious. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in this war in Ukraine that we should have acted quickly to stop and now we’re doing the same thing with China over a region that’s at least as strategically as important to them.


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