Biden Won’t Shoot Down the Balloon Over Montana


There is a new potential spy balloon over Montana. The government knows about it, but Biden’s DOD said they will not shoot it down because of the low probability it’s a spy balloon. NORAD said it’s a privately-owned balloon.

Rep. Rosendale announced that Montana residents noticed a new balloon flying over the state. They’ve informed the DOD and were told it will not be investigated because of “a low probability it’s conducting surveillance.”

Rep. Rosendale tweeted:

“Last night, several people in Dawson County were tracking a balloon flying across Eastern Montana at 57,000 feet. I contacted DoD and was informed that they are aware, but due to the size of the balloon and the low probability that it is conducting surveillance, they will not be investigating. If the spy balloon in February taught us anything, it’s that Montanans are vigilant and want to know what is flying over our state AND will expose the Biden Administration for not protecting us!”

NORAD said it is privately owned. As long as it’s not Xi Jinping’s personal balloon, we’re good with that.

NORAD elaborated, “We are aware of reports of a high-altitude balloon over Montana. The object is a privately-owned civilian balloon registered with the FAA and operating within FAA regulations and requirements.”

Biden became the butt of memes in February



The problem is no one believes them anymore. They told a lot of fibs in February with the last spy balloon. NORAD’s commander tried to blame space aliens. They have as much credibility as a tree stump.

Last February, they let the spy balloon hover over nuclear bases and travel over more than a dozen states. It boggles the mind.

It doesn’t help that our pronoun-obsessed Department of Defense said they wouldn’t even investigate. They said it’s probably not a spy balloon, so they wouldn’t investigate.

Clown world!

The people of Montana have clear skies and observant residents. We’re glad they’re watching!

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