Biden won’t tell you if he’ll stack the Court so, obviously, he will


Joe Biden is getting away with not answering important questions. The media fails to take it seriously since they are Democrat Party minions. If Biden wins, they become state media, controlled by the state, preaching state media doctrine. Recently, Biden refused to answer a question about whether he would try to stack the Supreme Court. If he does stack the Court with the help of a Dem Congress, it makes the Court another legislative body of leftists.

We can probably take his silence as an affirmative on that. In fact, we know he will do whatever he is told by those people behind the curtain.

As Andy McCarthy wrote at National Review, “But he doesn’t answer key questions. And his media friends calculate that if they give you the inside scoop on the amazingly deft political strategy behind not answering questions, you’ll be so wowed you won’t notice that the answers are what matter.”

The unhinged left has called for stacking the Court since before Gorsuch was appointed. During the primary debates, Democrats called for it. Take them at their word.

Biden agrees the question of stacking the court is legitimate but he says he won’t answer because the President tries to “shift the focus” and “always tries to change the subject.”

Huh? But, that is the focus. It’s an important question.

He is making you look at the shiny object.

Biden said that if he answered the question, then the “whole debate” is going to be about “what Biden said or didn’t say.”

But, that is the subject!!!

He’s even claiming the GOP following the Constitution is a “fundamental breach of constitutional principles.”


The opposite is true. The Constitution says the party with the Senate and presidency gets to fill the seat. Stacking the Court violates constitutional principles.

In fact, Biden doesn’t want people to know he will do it because then Trump will hit him with the truth. Biden can weasel out of it in the debates if he refuses to answer the question. He’s a typical weaselly politician.

Watch Biden in his mask with no one around him:



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