Joe Biden couldn’t manage to say the Pledge of Allegiance


Slow Joe must have said the Pledge of Allegiance thousands of times in his nearly early eight decades on this earth. Despite that, he botched it royally in public.

If elected, he will be our first third-world puppet president.

Democrats and never-Trump Republicans are willing to vote for an obviously mentally-deficient man of nearly 80 years so that some unelected, invisible leftists can rule over us.

Does anyone notice how Kamala Harris is also in hiding? She’s unpopular and very far left so they keep her shelved. She too will help lead with some conglomerate hiding behind the curtain.

John McCain’s wife and Meghan and Harry don’t want us to vote for Donald Trump. Who the hell cares?

Watch (And, why is he wearing a mask when he’s alone on stage?):

Meanwhile, as VP, he facilitated his family’s corrupt dealings. His son is tied to human trafficking, the Chinese Communist military, and a Moscow mayor’s wife in a new Senate report. His uncle, Joe’s brother, and his wife went on a $100,000 spending spree thanks to a CCP-tied contact of Hunter’s. Read the report on this link.

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