BidenBama DoJ to investigate officers involved in the death of Andrew Brown


The BidenBama Justice Department will investigate the officers who attempted to arrest Brown. It appears that at least one deputy shot and killed Andrew Brown Jr., a black man.

There is no reason to think the Maryland investigators can’t handle this case, but Obama 3.0 wants to finish what he started. He wants to finish off the police and federalize them as all dictators do when they take over a country.

This is the good old days of Marxist Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder.

The left-wing civil rights department is investigating the officers.


Race arsonist and big settlement guy, Ben Crump had an independent autopsy performed and it shows Brown was shot five times, perhaps once in the back of the head.

Demonstrators also went to the home of Pasquotank County Attorney R. Michael Cox. Bakari Sellers, an attorney for Brown’s family, blamed Cox for making the decision to show only 20 seconds of the video and accused him of trying to prevent attorneys from accompanying family members being shown the footage.

Brown, 42, had a criminal history dating back to 1988, including past drug convictions.

According to the Daily mail, the North Carolina police shooting victim Andrew Brown “was a drug dealer with a 180-page criminal record dating back to 1988 and had been filmed selling narcotics weeks before his death.”

Seven deputies have been placed on leave amid indications, including emergency scanner traffic and an eyewitness account, that Brown was shot in the back as he tried to drive away in his neighborhood.

A state of emergency has been declared in Elizabeth City and schools are to remain closed this week.


They want to convict the officers just as they convicted Derek Chauvin and the three other officers in Minneapolis. The revolutionaries will do it every time a black man, no matter how guilty or not, is killed by an officer. They don’t care about the deaths of blacks caused by blacks.

The police may be guilty but the justice system must be allowed to play out. This is wrong.

They are destroying presumption of innocence, due process, and a fair trial by jumping to conclusions and stirring up a race war.

This is a video just released. by the Elizabeth City officials.

The Black Panthers are on site:


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