BidenBama slashes CBP funding from $1.5 billion to $54 million


According to Washington Post reporter, Nick Miroff, Biden’s budget request slashes CBP funding for “Border Security Assets and Infrastructure” from $1.5B to $54 million. There is no money for a border wall. But he did increase the funds to oversee the Border Patrol and put them under the government’s jackboot.

He has already made it impossible for Border Patrol and ICE to do their jobs.

These people voluntarily separate. They don’t care about their children.



  1. When are the Patriots going to rise and oust this ursurper from the White House along with his ChiCom agents masquerading as Commiecrats? The damage Comrade Puppet Biden and his horde of ChiCom agents are doing to this nation is beyond description. We cannot afford another week, month or year of this monster residing in the White House!

  2. Knew I should have invested in Rosetta Stone. $1.5 billion pared down to $54 million; does that even pay existing salaries and the CBP’s utilities?

  3. $54 million is nothing. This move is really meant to dissolve Customs and Border Protection. It is totally irresponsible bordering on criminal.

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