Bidenflation Will Soar Until the Middle Class Is Destroyed


Biden is the worst president in U.S. history. Everything he does is destructive. Inflation is 7.5% higher than it has been since 1982. This was a self-inflicted crisis directly caused by Biden policies.

Massive government spending and stimulus put trillions of dollars into the economy while supply is way down. We have a supply chain problem that can’t meet the demand so prices go up and up.

Biden created the inflation tsunami of high gas prices, rising food prices, and so on, while lying about having a plan to bring prices down. Biden has never stated or demonstrated a plan. He keeps blaming COVID – that’s the plan. Biden’s trying to phase out fossil fuels completely, driving up the cost of food, gas, transportation, everything.

The WSJ says it will cost everyone $250 a month. Do the rich care about $250 a month? No! It’s the American family who cares.

The people who benefit from inflation are corporations. Big companies are delivering record profits and Biden’s inflation gives them an excuse for raising prices higher than they need to be.

This put smaller companies out of business – deliberately. As we warned, Biden allowed the Feds to shore up big companies, allowing Big Box stores and other large corporations to borrow at an extremely low rate, using COV as an excuse, but small companies didn’t have that access to cheap cash so they went out. They couldn’t sell corporate bonds to the government. Normally, the small business provides the competition that keeps big companies in check.

The Feds keep printing money and they still haven’t increased interest rates.

Marxists don’t like the middle class or small business, the backbone of capitalism. There is no real effort to stop the policies that caused inflation and it will keep soaring until the middle class collapses if the Biden administration is not stopped.

Biden and his minions kept saying inflation was transitory, even though we all knew it wasn’t.

All of this is deliberate.

Biden created this terrible economy with lockdowns and unscientific mandates, a war on US energy sending our prices soaring while rewarding our enemies, and he went on an exorbitant binge of spending that didn’t need that funny money in the economy.


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