#BidenIsALaughingstock Is Trending After He Shakes Hands With the Air


#BidenIsALaughingstock is trending on Twitter. His family and friends never should have let him run for the presidency. It’s elderly with dementia abuse.

Biden spoke at North Carolina A&T State University today and we got to watch dementia play out on the world stage. During the speech, he announced his racist and Marxist Equity and Racial Justice Action Plan of 300 actions. If you’re white and straight, you’re out of luck.

What am I seeing here in this clip? It looks like he’s shaking hands with no one as he looks around confused after his speech.

During his speech, he insisted he is a professor at Penn. He never was a professor at Penn.

He has been lying his entire 50-year career, but the lies where he puts himself in the middle of the story, especially as a hero, are the most deserving of mockery. He’s senile now, but you must understand, he’s always lied.

No, he was not a professor!

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