Bidenism: We don’t call a tornado ‘tornado’ any more


Joe Biden, the pretender to the presidency, continued to confuse millions of Americans this week when he discussed the recent severe weather that struck the Gulf and Northeastern United States. He oddly stated that we don’t use the word “tornado” anymore.

“Looks like a tornado, they don’t call them that anymore, that hit the crops and the wetlands in the middle of the country. In Iowa, and Nevada, it’s just across the board,” mumbled Biden.

Well, explain, please. What do they call them? He did not explain and we don’t know what to call them. National Geographic and Wikipedia still call it a tornado.

We googled a new name for ‘tornado,’ but nothing came up in all of google. Then we checked synonyms and got this: cyclone, storm, twister, whirlwind, wind, funnel, typhoon. Okay, then, nothing new there.

So, we have concluded it was another odd utterance from a dementia-ridden man. At the beginning of this first video, you will hear college football fans curse out Joe so hold your ears until you get to the tornado comment.


This used to be a tornado, but they don’t exist any longer. I came across one of these traveling cross-country in the middle of nowhere and you don’t know where to go. The things (formerly known as tornadoes) change direction without warning. They’re awesome but you won’t mind not seeing one in person again.

We will call it a twister now:

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