Ew! Jeb Bush makes a squirm worthy Tik Tok as Biden blows up the world


Below is a cringe-worthy Jeb Bush video to lure conservatives into joining the climate movement.

Jeb seems oblivious to hundreds of thousands of anonymous people pouring through our open borders, some of whom are undoubtedly criminals and terrorists. He likely still thinks they’re coming for ‘love.’

Biden showed himself to be a heartless, cruel leader who abandons Americans and allies in Afghanistan. He gave nearly $90 million in weaponry and vehicles, planes to one of the most violent terrorist groups in the region. They appointed madmen to their ministry. Now they are the best-equipped fighting force in the region and beyond.

So, what is Biden interested in? Why, he’s interested in climate change, of course.

As the Democrats move to push crazy radical bills through Congress that will damage, perhaps irreparably, the economy, voting integrity, and immigration, Jeb wants us to climb onto the climate change train to nowhere.

Biden is blowing up whole nations and abandoning our people, but Jeb is totally oblivious.

Give all your wealth and resources to Democrats and they will cure the climate. Uh, no thanks.

Jeb is trying to be funny or cool. Did it work? Watch:

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2 years ago

They were not wearing their Swastikas???