Bidenistas Left a Gaping Hole in Africa for Russia & Islamists


There are many things Erick Erickson says that Sentinel disagrees with, but he’s right on this issue. Where Bidenistas left a gaping hole in Africa, Russia has strolled in to create problems for the US. The US abandonment of Africa is all based on a dangerous and false ideology.


“So, the wokes, who want us all to drive battery-powered vehicles, do not want us to have strategic ties to the Sahel region of Africa because we’re colonizers and they are colonies.

“So they’ve made us get out and allowed the Russians back in. The Russians have partnered with the Islamic radicals to cause problems for the United States.

“To disincentivize our engagement in these African countries, the Russians and the Wagner group, in particular, overturned a lot of these countries and military coups, and now, guess what happens with the head of Wagner killed by Vladimir Putin in that plane crash a while back?

“To the Wagner group exiled, to the African nations and many Russians not wanting to go hang out in Africa, the vibrant group is recruiting the African militaries to become part of the Wagner group and expand their mercenary capabilities, and also let the Islamic radicals off the chain.”


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
17 days ago

Don’t forget, the Chinese are also fully exploiting the the absolute diplomatic stupidity of the the Obama (/Biden) White House and the ignorance of the Congressional Democrats.