Bidenomics Is All Good – You’re the Problem


The Wall Street Journal analyzed Nielsen IQ data, reflecting a selection of commonly purchased items valued at a total of $100 in 2019. Today, that same grocery list costs 36.5% more. The price of some items, such as eggs and sports drinks, climbed more than 40%. Shoppers would have to remove almost $37 of items to spend the same amount as in 2019.

Great job, Joe! Bidenomics is grand.

However, in another article, the WSJ says the problem is us.

In the latest Wall Street Journal poll of swing states, 74% of respondents said inflation has moved in the wrong direction this past year.

According to the WSJ, in the 12 months through February, inflation, according to the consumer price index, was 3.2% compared with 6% a year earlier. The WSJ article wants you to believe the problem is you and your perceptions.

However, while inflation is down, it’s still up, and it has added to the inflation we’ve already had. For some reason, the Wall Street Journal thinks things are better.

The housing market is a disaster under Bidenomics.

Most of us know what’s in store for us if Biden returns with his energy-killing, wild-spending big welfare state and millions of freeloaders and criminals from foreign lands.

Most of us remember how good it was under DJT and how bad it will be when Biden destroys the energy sector and taxes and regulates us into oblivion.

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