John Kerry Is Crazy, Makes the US Look Crazy


John Kerry says in the clip below that he has no “health” background but tries to live “healthily.” He has no background in science, either, but that doesn’t stop him from predicting people are dying from the air, and people have been screaming about it for thirty years.

This was insane thirty years ago, and it’s insane now. Thirty years ago, they were politicizing global warming, and only about 18 scientists were screaming at the time.

Watch the clip:

When he attended the COP28 conference, some reporters said people laughed at him behind his back. If true, he made a fool of us. It’s a believable story since the UAE climate guru and conference president Sultan Al-Jaber said there was “no science” to back up a phase-out of fossil fuels. A phaseout would not allow sustainable development “unless you want to take the world back into caves.”

Later, he walked it back a bit, but he said what he believed.

For some reason, after the President of the conference said eliminating fossil fuels would put us back in caves, he decided to go all out crazy.

He is coming for our A/Cs and refrigerators.

It’s not surprising that a President with dementia would put a total kook in charge of the climate. He’s left his position and was replaced by another kook.

He made the United States look insane.

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