Biden’s $300B Gambit to Seize Control of US Education


Joe Biden announced that he is redistributing the wealth of every taxpayer to people who took out loans for college. This isn’t a giveaway, but rather it’s unfettered socialism.

The blue collar workers trying to pay for their children’s college education and trying to pay their bills now have to pay the debt other people ran up. It doesn’t matter if the people with college loans did poorly or majored in puppetry. We all must pay their loans.

This is inflationary and it will be very damaging economically, but it has far worse implications for this country.

The purpose is to put the government in charge of education. It centralizes education.

Centralization means unaccountable people run every aspect of your life. Democrats are moving us towards centralization in every area of life. They want to tell you what to do and they want your money. The Left truly believes they have the right to take your money for their ideology. These ideologues believe in this system that has been tried and has always failed. All that we see happening is deliberate.

When they have control of education, they use it to indoctrinate the population. It’s how it’s been and how it will be.

Obviously, this is also a shameless vote buying scheme, but that pales in comparison to the damage this does in the long term to American ideals. They are putting everyone on the dole so they can take full control.

We might as well have Bernie Sanders or AOC running the country. There is no difference.

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