Biden’s Afghanistan presser did not match reality and then he ran out


Harris and Blinken looked like deer caught in the headlight.

During today’s Afghanistan presser, Joe Biden had a lot of trouble talking and often sounded like a drunk because of his mental problem. Biden bragged about flying home 169 Americans yesterday. That is out of 15,000 Americans, although he doesn’t actually know how many are there.

He lied and said he is working in close cooperation with our allies. He kept saying they are all working together. It took him 36 hours to talk with Boris Johnson.

He is going to have a united front with our allies moving forward, he said. The G7 will meet next week.

Biden is still relying on the Taliban to get safe passage for Americans.

The figurehead president put in a line about how sad it all is, after showing nothing but callousness prior to this.

Biden said he’s focused on saving all Americans, talking to all our commanders, and blah, blah, blah.

He took questions.

First, he claimed there is no questioning of the US credibility around the world, couldn’t seem to remember General Austin’s name, and then blathered about why he left which is not the problem. No one is complaining about ending the war, but he insists on deflecting.

He actually thinks he can put international pressure on the Taliban terrorists.

Nothing he said resembles what is going on on the ground, Major Garrett of CBS said.

Second, he blathered about how he’s dealing with terror around the world without being on the ground.

Third, he addressed the warning from the 35 State Department officials, claiming he gets all kinds of cables. Then he claimed the buck stops with him.

Fourth, he lied and said he knows of no circumstance where Americans can’t get to the airport.

Fifth, Biden’s message to one of our allies being hunted down is he wants them out.

Sixth, why didn’t he secure the area around the airport? Biden said hey haven’t set up a perimeter because it will bring unexpected circumstances. [But the Brits, French, and Germans can do it] He said he’s relying on the Taliban for safe passage.

He blamed Trump for the timeline, but he claims the buck stops with him. The fact is he did NOT follow Trump’s plan which had contingencies and sanctions all along the way.

Lastly, he claimed there is no way in which to see some of what you see now. He claims he got a large number of Americans out.

Seven, NPR followed up on people not being able to get to the airport. Biden said the Taliban are letting Americans through with US passports. The truth is they are taking US passports and not letting them through.

He again claimed there was no intel that the Afghan army would collapse.

As he ran out, a reporter asked, “Why do you continue to trust the Taliban, Mr. President.”

Biden has our back or is it that we have his back?

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8 months ago

I knew as Soon as he opened up that folder to call names it would be short on questions and only favorable outlets would be called upon. But even those four didn’t let him slide. What is it with Bloomberg, who has to read every single word of his question. You don’t have the skill set to be a reporter if that’s the case.

It’s too bad no reporters seem to pick up that maybe all those advisors don’t know what’s going on. There’s enough reports on the ground that some enterprising reporter could list a half-dozen or so examples and hammer the question those surrounding him are literally incompetent.

I don’t believe, for one minute, he’s talking to all those on the ground, including the Taliban. At different times he kept regressing in stamina. The numbers he’s floating, 18,000, 13.000 since August 14, are mostly Afghans. There are so many that flights into Doha have been cancelled due to overcrowding. Notice, not one single time has he, or any Pentagon official given the total of Americans airlifted out. The only numbers cited are journalists with several media outlets. He stumbles over when talking about American numbers. He asserts Al-Qaeda is no longer in country, but reports say otherwise. Only a clueless bureaucrat would suggest the “Taliban” is “interested” in international relations and how they are perceived in the world. We can’t extend the perimeter because of unintended consequences. Doesn’t the military plan for consequences, like moving out 15,000 troops ahead of the operation. Only a complete idiot would say there’s no way we could avoid this, unless you made the decision at the last minute, which appears to be the case.

After the disaster with the ABC interview it was imperative he come out and “sound” compassionate for the situation the people there are facing. It was a feeble attempt. If they can’t complete the mission in time but he’ll make that as he goes, depending whether he’s on vacation or not.

What is it with the hearing-impaired people and their bizarre expressions. It always seem to be Democrat politicians who act strange.

8 months ago

Note who gets first priority, Federal bureaucrats (Embassy personnel) and Journalists. The rest of Americans, we’ll get to you if we have time.

No Honor Among Thieves
No Honor Among Thieves
8 months ago

A loud sound of sharpening daggers were heard in the direction of Nancy and Hillary.
All sides know the Kamal is in way over any abilities.

8 months ago

But at least Obama can build his library over the objection by,,,,everybody, thanks to Barrett.