Mayhem in Kabul, soldiers crying, Afghans take back 3 counties


NATO allies are in harm’s way after paratroopers and rescue teams were forced to enter Kabul city to evacuate citizens and Afghan partners. Taliban militants have set up checkpoints across the city.

This is the Biden administration’s fault. Thank Democrats for this. You know Biden is just a puppet.

Britain, France, Germany, and others are desperately looking for citizens trying to escape from Kabul as the Taliban beat and kill people. Biden and his handlers are forcing American soldiers to stay in the airport instead of rescuing Americans. It’s not what our military wants to do.

US soldiers are finally able to keep a gate open as the Taliban fire at people around the airport.

Soldiers In Tears

It is absolutely criminal that we left all the weapons, an airbase, vehicles for the Taliban. We need to blow them up quickly. They will use it against any Afghans who try to take back their country, and some are trying to take it back.

The Northern Alliance Forces are trying to save the country and took back three districts from the Taliban.

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