We can’t take 100,000 Afghans into the country


You can’t just take 100,000 Afghans in without vetting which this administration is incapable of doing. Some will be terrorists and some will be criminals. Afghanistan is a wild and violent place. Despite that, open borders Biden plans to take in a large number of Afghans.

Known and suspected terrorists from the mid-East and Africa are also coming in through our southern border in numbers unseen in the past.

Biden’s egregious and unforgivable performance in Afghanistan has created a disaster for Europe as well. They too get thousands of Afghan refugees. In a better time, Biden and his cohorts or handlers would be under arrest.

It’s not only that we can’t vet them. It’s changing our demographics and we are heading for one-party rule by totalitarian Democrats who won’t even save Americans in Afghanistan.


Three Afghans in Austria raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl. Two, ages 16 and 18, were asylum seekers. Another was a 233-year-old.

Officials have said that the victim knew the first two suspects and had voluntarily accompanied them to the 18-year-old’s apartment. There, according to Vienna police chief Gerhard Puerstl, she was given drugs, and “crimes against the sexual integrity” of the girl were committed.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz promised on Tuesday that authorities will ensure the perpetrators are “punished with the full force of the law.”

“I find it intolerable for people come to us, say they are seeking protection and then commit cruel, barbaric crimes in Austria,” he said.

“Politically, this means for me that we will stick to our consistent line,” said Kurz, who has long taken a tough approach to migration issues. “With me, there will definitely never be a halt to deportations to Afghanistan or a watering-down of asylum laws toward asylum-seekers who commit crimes.”

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