Biden’s BBB Plan Will Destroy the USA


The multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better plan redistributes the wealth from White, working, middle class Americans to Black, Latin, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islanders and anyone who doesn’t speak English.

Ann Coulter read the bill and wrote an article you might want to read at Townhall. We have a short summary here.

Nowhere in the bill is there anything for the middle class working American, yet they will pay for much of it. It’s just a hard-Left bill to turn the US into a welfare state.


There are billions of dollars for Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities for housing “needs,” minority-serving schools of medicine, minority-serving colleges and institutions, culturally-appropriate care for elderly of different races and genders, maternity health for minorities, mortality for minorities, substance abuse in minorities, increase research capacity in institutions for minorities, grants to address “low diversity within the teacher and school leader workforce,” business development for minorities, and so on.

They even have provisions that find creative ways to say ‘non-white.’ For instance, they refer to “underserved communities” and it does not mean Appalachia.

“This section also defines an ‘underserved community’ as a group of people who have been systematically denied the full opportunity to participate in aspects of economic, social, and civic life. Underserved communities include Black, Latino, Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, other persons of color, [etc.].”

There is $7 billion for “national service programs to carry out projects related to climate resilience and mitigation” for minority communities.

One billion dollars of the “Climate Resilience and Mitigation” loot is specifically directed to “individuals who were formally incarcerated.” [Felons are the way they are because of climate change???]

The plan is being billed as rebuilding the middle class but it destroys the middle class, especially whites, but not just whites, and social engineers everyone else.

At the same time, we are getting crickets from Republicans. I’ve become convinced Democrats know all the skeletons in their closets and they live in fear of discovery. There has to be a reason they are letting the country go to Hell without screaming and rallying.


Many are oblivious. For example, Republican Mike Turner of Ohio was on Tucker this evening I’m told. While the US has no borders and our country is being turned into a communist nation, Rep. Turner wants to send our troops to Ukraine because Russian troops are on their borders.

We don’t have the money, our soldiers lives are too valuable, and he needs to start worrying about our borders.

Still, he’s better than the Democrats. They love Iran, China, the PLO, Taliban, Russia, and anyone who qualifies as an enemy.

Even more ridiculously, Kamala Harris is in Europe discussing their border crisis.

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2 years ago

White Men in America have been the target of Government Systemic Racism and Sexism since the 1960’s. Just because a White Man works hard to get an education then works his butt off to make a good living is not a reason to penalize them. The only Systemic racism in America is against white men. For 50 years we didn’t care, but now it’s time to end it.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

The advocates of “build back better” never built a damn thing in their entire miserable existence on this planet…and obviously plagued with Systemic Stupidity…

Lake Wonkachoby
Lake Wonkachoby
2 years ago

Systemically denied from what?
Just who is excluded or oppressed in almost 2022 or is it 1964 forever.
There is no magic soil (racist!) but in order to build something back “better” you must take a wrecking ball to the foundations or picking up right where Barry left off before Trump descended the Wonkavator.