Biden’s Comments in Rome Remind Us All of Benito Mussolini


Do you remember from history that Benito Mussolini said he made the trains run on time? Communists and fascists throughout history have used the expression that they keep the trains running on time. It’s a famous expression used by dictators to beef up their credentials, even though it’s never true.

Watch after this clip how it is used by Joe Biden, no doubt to the embarrassment of everyone there.

Watch for background:

Due to the Build Back Better fascistic policies, the world has a serious supply chain problem. Their solution is to do more of it. Joe Biden used the famous expression of dictators throughout time during the G20, coincidentally in Italy. Italians are VERY familiar with the expression. They executed Benito and hung him upside down in the city square.

“Together, to increase our resilience and enhance our shared prosperity,” Biden said. “Now, I’m going to turn it over to Secretary Blinken to actually, uh, make the trains run on time.”


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