Biden’s Communist Candidate for Currency Just Crashed and Burned


A total of FIVE Democrats just sank communist Saule Omarova’s nomination. She is the literal communist who Biden nominated to regulate banks in the Treasury.

She wants only one central bank — the federal reserve.

What do these five Democrats have in common? They represent Red or Purple states. They realized that they would be dragged out of office if they voted to confirm a literal communist, a graduate of Moscow State University with a degree in Scientific Communism.

This was a large victory, but the fight to take back this country isn’t over yet.

Get ready for her replacement who will undoubtedly be terrible. We will have to email congress on the next one.

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6 months ago

Correctomundo on the fight not being over. Defeating the liberal drive toward communism is a continuous effort. Liberals do not let up. We must not either.

I say we take of the gloves and the political correctness…start fighting fire with fire…use their tactics against them.

Nice guys finish LAST!

Never vote for a GODDAMNED DEMOCRAT at any level of government.

Sooper Original HQ
Sooper Original HQ
5 months ago

Even if it was self-preservation, we’ll take it.