Biden’s cratering on Iran sanctions, gotta get back into that bad nuke deal


Joe Biden intends to cave on sanctions to get the U.S. back into the bad nuclear deal with Iran which allows them to get the bomb. It also doesn’t deal with missiles. We will now see the White House lie to make it seem as if we have no choice but to end the sanctions. State Department spokesperson Ned Price is a liar and is now saying the U.S. sanctions on Iran are illegal.

A nuclear weapon in the hands of religious fascists should never be allowed. The nuclear deal does not accomplish that.

Iran is demanding that the U.S. lift all sanctions against it as the first step in negotiations. Biden will do it, but he is constrained by the fact that Trump, in addition to reinstating old sanctions imposed against Iran for developing its nuclear program, imposed hundreds of new ones that are unrelated to that program.

These sanctions were imposed because Iran sponsored terrorism and waged war by proxy in the region. They include sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank and the designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as terrorists.

The Iran nuclear deal lifted only nuclear-related sanctions. Thus, a U.S. return to the deal would not entail lifting a great many new sanctions.

If the Biden administration was a serious one, they would use the new sanctions as leverage. The Biden administration sees them as complications.

While the sanctions didn’t work to topple the regime, they did weaken Iran and its ability to wage terror. Biden is willing to forfeit that minimal advantage for a deal that allows Iran to get the bomb in several years.


US STRATCOM casually tweeted about possible nuclear war but we are told to calm down, this is just routine.

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