Biden’s Cure for Gas Prices: Gas Cards?


new report from Axios alleges that the White House had been thinking about giving Americans gas cards to help them pay for gas and offset the high prices. In other words, they will spend more money without solving the core problem and actually add to it.

Wild spending and destruction of the energy sector are causing the problems in large part. They’re collapsing the economy and won’t stop.

Blaming Putin and gas companies didn’t work, so now he is going to spend frivolously?

The big picture according to Axios

Democrats in both chambers have been brainstorming ideas on legislation to lower gas prices after they reached record-high levels last week.

  • Other ideas being discussed include stimulus checks, using more ethanol to lower the demand for oil, and canceling oil companies’ federal leases that aren’t actively being used, the senior Democratic aide told Axios.
  • Various Democrats have also already introduced bills that would suspend the federal gas tax; raise taxes on oil companies to fund means-tested assistance; or provide a federal rebate whenever gas prices get above $4 per gallon.

All they need to do is reinstate Donald Trump’s policies. The economy was doing great under Trump but they won’t.

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