Biden’s Customs and Border Protection Chief Accused of Missing or Sleeping Through Meetings


Biden’s Customs and Border Protection Chief Accused of Missing or Sleeping Through Meetings


by James S. Soviero


Chris Magnus, whom Biden tapped to lead US Customs and Border Protection in April last year, has been slammed by his colleagues as disengaged from his work.  They claim he’s even missing or sleeping through key meetings on the ongoing migration crisis.

Chris Magnus

Magnus, 61, has also been accused of ripping other agencies to co-workers and superiors while failing to cement relationships needed to address the surge of illegal border crossings.   

Worse still, the CBP “czar” is reported as being more concerned with claims of racism and violence against the Border Patrol agents than stopping the flood of migrants pouring across the US-Mexico frontier.

He’s not in the game,”  one administration official told Politico. “Every time there’s a meeting, and he’s in it, we’ll get to a conclusion, and Magnus will have some sidebar issue that he wants to raise, and we’re all like, ‘What the f –k is that about?’”

The report also claimed that six officials had seen Magnus nod off in “multiple” meetings about the border, including one concerning the surge in Venezuelans attempting to enter the US. 

Magnus was confirmed by the Senate in December 2021 by a narrow 50-47 vote, but he was grilled during contentious confirmation hearings over his defense of sanctuary cities and resistance to the Trump administration’s hard-line immigration policies.

“I’ve always been someone who aggressively questions the status quo, looking for ways to do things better….”  Magus continued, “In any organization, some people are threatened by this. They don’t like it when someone questions ‘why’ certain things must be done the way they’ve always been done. I’m not here to back down to the predictable challenges from those people.”

Here are two common sense thoughts regarding Magus’s “reasoning.”  

1) If the border is demonstrably less safe under Biden’s policies than it was under Trump’s policies, maybe a return to that status quo could be a really good idea.  

2) We’re pretty sure someone in charge of border security needs to attend and stay awake during meetings.  The fact that’s the way it’s “always been done.” doesn’t make it a bad thing.  Snoozing on the job, however, is a bad thing.

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