CDC to Decide If Pfizer and Moderna Get Permanent Immunity for Covid Vaccines


The CDC is meeting this week to make a decision everyone should know about, especially people who have children. The CDC is doing it under the radar. They might give permanent immunity to Pfizer and Moderna for their COVID vaccines by forcing it on children in school.

The psycho-med-tyrants will decide if they will mandate the COVID vaccine as a prerequisite to attend school.

Alex Berenson sounds the alarm on his Substack.

Mr. Berenson wrote that the information was in the Federal Register, the official government notice for the meetings. The report states that “recommendation votes on pneumococcal, adult immunization schedule, child/adolescent immunization schedule, and COVID-19 vaccines are scheduled.” [emphasis added]

The vote will likely be on Thursday.

Mr. Berenson suspects they are doing this because they can’t keep the emergency declaration protecting them from liability indefinitely, and they won’t sell the vaccine without it. Requiring it in schools covers them.

“Any vaccine on the schedule is also immunized as the broader federal vaccine injury compensation program,” Mr. Berenson writes.

If Mr. Berenson is right, the CDC is more cynical and corrupt than we thought.

Parents have rejected these shots for young children, and now they might force them on them. That should concern every parent. You don’t want a government that won’t consider what you want for your child.


This information isn’t only coming from Mr. Berenson. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. addressed it as well. He said the childhood vaccination program does give them permanent immunity. Mr. Kennedy thinks they are doing it with the worst of motives.

You would be wrong if you think they don’t want unreasonable and total immunity. Pfizer does have such a contract with the EU.

Mr. Kennedy said they know it harms children, but they can’t let on, and they can’t take it off the market. So, they are going for childhood immunization protection.

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