Biden’s Energy Coordinator Pretends Saudi Trip Was a Success


On Sunday, Margaret Brennan interviewed Joe Biden’s Energy Security Coordinator Amos Hochstein about the trip to Saudi Arabia. Hochstein spun a lot, trying to make this disastrous, embarrassing trip a success.

Nothing during this interview was honest. It was a propaganda moment with insufferable Margaret Brennan pretending she’s asking decisive questions. From this conversation, you’d never know Biden has dementia and has done nothing but hurt this country.

Hochstein pretended there were accomplishments. We haven’t seen them yet, but he assures us they’re coming. He took credit for the cease-fire in Yemen that he had nothing to do with.

Hochstein wants price caps on Russian oil exports while Russia is a member of OPEC. If he believes Prince bin Salman or anyone in OPEC will agree, he’s beyond naïve.

Hochstein finished up by saying solar and windmills are the future of U.S. energy production. He’s making these statements as Biden begged for oil while killing the petroleum industry in the United States. It’s a schizophrenic foreign policy. We don’t have a foreign policy. It’s a mess; the world knows we’re led by incompetent, dishonest people.

Bin Salman has no intention of following the US down the path of extremism. He doesn’t feel abandoning all fossil fuels makes sense. Although, he does believe we have to do more to protect the climate.


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