Biden to Bring People Here Who Hate Americans by 96.8%


Sentinel already reported these figures from the Arab and US polls, but let’s do it again. Since Biden’s administration plans to bring Palestinian Gazans here, we should know what the chances are of getting normal ones who deserve it. Remember, they are taught to hate Jews and Americans from early childhood.

We’ve already seen them marching in the streets and damaging schools alongside Antifa.

Seventy-two percent of so-called Palestinians “believe that Hamas’s decision to launch the October 7 attack was correct.”

  • 63% of Palestinian men and 50% of Palestinian women say, “A woman should tolerate violence to keep the family together” (United Nations survey, 2018)
  • Just 29% of Palestinian men and 39% of Palestinian women believe “Unmarried women should have the same right to live on their own as unmarried men.” (United Nations survey, 2018)
  • 57% of Palestinian men and 54% of Palestinian women agree that “If a woman is raped, she should marry her rapist.” (United Nations, 2018)

That’s a great idea. Have to love that one.

Gazans support a rape culture. You should also know that they, too, threw gays off buildings during the ISIS period. I have the video on this site somewhere – don’t have time to look right now.


From October 31 to November 7, the Arab World for Research and Development surveyed 668 Palestinians in the West Bank in the Gaza Strip during the fourth week of the ongoing Gaza war. They conducted face-to-face interviews across the West Bank and in shelters and households in the three governates. It included equal representation of men and women.

In the Palestinian poll, 75% support the October 7 massacre, and another 76% view Hamas positively. The most shocking numbers are 80% who support the annihilation of Israel over the two-state solution. [The two-state solution was offered to Arafat and he turned it down.]

A total of 98% of the Arab Muslim settlers in the West Bank hate America, as do 96.8% of those in Gaza.

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