Biden’s Despicable Foreign Policy to Keep Oil Prices Low for 2024


Lately, Biden has pointed out the decrease in gas prices at the pump as if it’s a great accomplishment of his and his administration. The only problem is that to do it, he’s allowing massive sales of oil by Iran. It keeps prices low at home, and an election is coming up.

He knows, and his team has said, that Iran uses the money from oil sales to fund terrorism.

Iran used its ongoing oil sales to China to fund and train Hamas for its October 7, 2023, attack.

Biden is allowing Iranian money to flow to Hamas and other terrorist organizations. At the same time, Iran is bombing our military installations – 66 times at last count. It’s more now.

He doesn’t care if Americans die. Democrats and Biden only care about polls. They think Trump is a threat, but he put the clamps on Iran with sanctions.

Biden’s fine with Iran making money to bomb the rest of the world, but the Ayatollah has to keep gas prices low and avoid bombing us. The Ayatollah knows the rules.

If Biden stops Trump, so much the better for Iran and the other terrorists. They know Biden is a weak figurehead for Obamanistas and their cartel of Marxists.

As we reported on Tuesday, Biden is allowing Iran to have its sanctions lifted to keep the prices low in time for the 2024 election, but it’s so much worse than that.

Biden is putting politics before peace and safety. He’s establishing an evil, self-serving policy for the United States of America, and the world knows it.

At 3:00 and 4:03, they say it’s to keep prices low for the election.

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