Biden’s ‘extraordinary success’ included the droning of SIVs and children-IMPORTANT UPDATE


Update: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley said this morning that the strike on the family was a righteous strike and at least one person was ISIS-K (Pakistan Taliban). He said the death of the family was probably from secondary explosions, although he said he doesn’t know who died. Reporters were asking ridiculous questions like, ‘where does your pain come from.’ Austin gave misinformation, One thing he was wrong about was his claim that Afghanistan was our longest war. The 80-year Indian war was the longest war.

Watch the WOKE Generals:



The Ahmadi and Nejrabi families had packed all their belongings, waiting for word to be escorted to Kabul airport, and eventually to move to the United States. Instead, Washington sent a rocket into their homes in a Kabul neighborhood killing them and seven of their children.

They were just waiting for the call to tell them to go to the airport.

That means they were thoroughly vetted and not a threat. Several worked as translators for the US.

Biden didn’t mention this when he talked about his “extraordinary success” in leaving Afghanistan. We need to know what happened.


The US thought they were the ISIS-K monsters firing rockets into Kabul airport.

Army Maj. Gen. Hank Taylor told reporters that C-RAM defense systems took down one of the rockets fired on Monday morning.

“We assessed that five rockets were in the air and went,” he told reporters.

“Three landed off the airfield … were no effect.

“C-RAM was able to affect and thwart the attack. The one or the other rocket landed with no effect to the mission or any danger to our personnel.”

He later clarified that one rocket landed inside the airport perimeter.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said Monday they were investigating the death of ten seemingly innocent people. The US was targeting ISIS-K and they claimed there were secondary explosions that might have caused the deaths. That goes against all witnesses’ statements and available photos.

Where did the US get the intel to shoot the drone into the family cars? Taliban?




  1. This is what happens when you have Congress, the State Department, The Deep State, and the Military all doing their thing. The way it should work is the Congress Declares War, The President sets the objective, and the Generals crush the Enemy including any civilians in the way. If a civilian isn’t fighting the enemy, they are the enemy. War is about destroying your enemy until they give you unconditional surrender and lay down their arms. Then the Army occupies their territory for a generation or two and re-educates the children to Love America. Pretty much anything less will result in defeat or a new war in a generation.

  2. There’s been such a world-wide outrage over this Administration that now Austin is up there with “sorrow”, all the while saying how extraordinary the mission was. (Are we going to have More sheepish questions). He sounds Phony as all get out, trying to act all concerned about the “young” service members. Back to the numbers and the “achievement”.

    Now, the “War is Over”. After careful screening. (Yeah right). Slogans, land of the free, and home of the brave. Now, it’s self-congratulations on the Hurricane and Covid. He looks strained in speaking. End with words, These have been difficult days, as we all look back with thoughtfulness and respect. Look back and learn every lesson, but for now… (we don’t want to hear anything about our failures)


    Basically blaming State. Geez his breath sound is reminiscent of Darth Vader. Now, back to the numbers. THAT is the go-to tactics of Pentagon Brass to “commend” themselves. He’s not telling us Anything we all don’t already Know. Trying to gain “respect” by telling the story about the dead service members. (That respect does NOT fall upon you, fathead.) Then, for some reason OANN cuts away.

    I guess no choice but Newsmax (News?). Chyron, 124,000 rescued. Enough time for a “few” questions. Yeah, let’s start out with a question so the Pentagon can congratulate themselves. (As “WHITE” as Milley looks, he should get out in the field more). Does Austin “have a list”. What a bunch of Suck UP questions. I may soon Barf. Every station or channel covering this should condemn these questions. More self-congratulating on the “success”.

    He doesn’t want to “influence” the outcome of an investigation. (He wouldn’t want to step on an exoneration by his own supporting team)

    Did she REALLY ask that, “your messages of compassion and gratitude are certainly understood”, and goes on to spill even More dribble. (Oh, she’s CNN) Tell me this wasn’t an entirely scripted briefing. Those final words of Austin and Milley are disgusting in the extreme. Many others are trying to get questions in but those two aren’t interested. Bachman of Newsmax isn’t really condemning this charade of a briefing. Let’s see what some of the firebrands of the House Do with all this.

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