Biden’s Fav Nuclear Waste Guy Arrested as a Fugitive From Justice


Sam Brinton, the much-touted – until he was fired – nuclear waste man, who says he is nonbinary, was arrested as a fugitive from justice. His original crimes were stealing ladies’ luggage with expensive clothes inside from airport carousels.

The Daily Wire said the Montgomery County, Maryland, police arrested him at his home on Wednesday. He is in jail and held without bond.

Four unmarked cars came for him and took him out in handcuffs.

He was able to skate with one judge because he agreed to pay restitution to the victim. The judge agreed to a 180-day suspended sentence if he stayed out of trouble.

Brinton was charged with another theft and might be federally charged with a third.

Mr. Brinton was one of the most unusual picks by Biden out of only unusual picks for top spots in the administration. Sometimes I get the feeling that Biden and his Bidenista’s are mocking us with the worst imaginable people for every position.

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