Biden’s FCC OKs Sale on Anti-Communist Radio Mambi to Far-Left


George Soros groups will strip anti-communist Cubans of their voice. He’s buying their anti-communism Radio Mambi.

Instead of spending time on distractions like Kanye or Nick Fuentes, the right needs to do what the left does – get active more effectively. Soros is buying 18 conservative, anti-communist Spanish-language radio stations. The far left pushed the FCC to approve the deal.

Radio Mambi, tied to Cuban exiles, will be controlled by Soros groups.

Among the investors are far-left actress Eva Longoria and an investment fund called Lakestar Finance, tied to the Soros Fund Management. Soros’s investments in far-left causes have made him an unpopular figure among Hispanic Americans.

Spanish-language stations in other major markets, including New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Antonio, are also set to be controlled by the Soros-linked group. Some conservatives, particularly right-leaning Hispanics, have called it an attempt by the left to control the information made available to Spanish-speaking voters.

Latino Media Network, the newly formed media company that stirred controversy when it announced plans this summer to purchase Miami’s Radio Mambí along with 17 other stations in Hispanic markets, has been approved by the Biden Federal Communications Commission to buy the Spanish-language stations from TelevisaUnivision.

Monday’s decision by the FCC is a significant step toward finalizing the $60 million deal.


Far Left Democrats, who have warned of the spread of alleged misinformation on Spanish-language radio and media networks in recent years, advocated for the sale to go through.

Radio Mambi staffers have been furious for months, and some of the station’s biggest stars walked away. Conservative host Lourdes Ubieta quit in July, saying she would never accept a paycheck from anyone connected to Soros.

“America is a free country. Even an avowed global socialist with a clear radical political agenda can buy our media outlets to silence their opposition,” Ubieta told Fox News Digital.

“It’s also a country where we can leave such a workplace, start our own radio station at Radio Libre, and beat the pants off that socialist in the ratings,” Ubieta continued. “George Soros tried talk radio once before with Radio America and failed miserably. And today, Miami market ratings show he’s on his way to defeat again, even before he gets started.”

Soros failed on the radio once before with Radio America. Let’s hope he fails again. His accolytes are the biggest spreaders of disinformation in America.

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