Biden’s Floating Pier Is Coming Back


The US will suspend the delivery of humanitarian aid to the temporary Biden pier in Gaza, which is a good idea since much of it has floated away in bad weather. But don’t lose hope; we will spend more money fixing the $320 million pier.

Rough seas caused the pier to break apart and float away. Four ships were beached with parts of the pier.

The AP said the pier had delivered aid for two weeks, but Gen. Austin said the aid didn’t reach the Gazans. Who knows what is true?

The pier will be removed from Gaza and repaired. They will take the pier to the Israeli city of Ashdod for repairs, which will take over a week.

Then, US soldiers will have to anchor it back onto the beach in Gaza. Hopefully, they won’t have to dodge rockets this time. Israeli soldiers will assist.

The US will go back to sending free food to Gazans.

The AP reports:

The two main crossings in southern Gaza, Rafah from Egypt and Kerem Shalom from Israel are either not operating or are largely inaccessible for the U.N. because of fighting nearby as Israel pushes into Rafah. The pier and two crossings from Israel in northern Gaza are where most of the incoming humanitarian aid has entered in the past three weeks.

Four soldiers have been injured, and one was allegedly injured seriously.

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