Biden’s Funding Grants to Detect and Suppress Microaggressions


The Biden administration is on the trail of offensive words and phrases and he means to put a stop to them. He is spending more than $550,000 in one grant alone (tax dollars) to develop an artificial intelligence model that automatically detects and suppresses microaggressions on social media, Free Beacon reports. The taxpayer-funded National Science Foundation gave out the grant.

A spokesman for the National Science Foundation said it “does not attempt to hamper free speech.” The project, the spokesman said, creates “automated ways of identifying biases in speech” and addresses the biases of human content moderators.

That’s so very, very WOKE.

They are looking for comments that could be unconscious and unintentional as well as blatant comments. Do Americans have to worry about every little word they say? It is an attack on free speech.

Group of multicultural people in shock because you said “American”!

Stanford Is Hot on the Trail of Offenders

Stanford University, the 80,000-a-year university, has come up with words and phrases you can no longer say, like “American,” since people in South and Central America are Americans.  They want you always to say U.S. citizen. You can’t say “beat a dead horse” because it’s violent.

Stanford conducted a study and concluded you must not use these words.

Immigrant. Can’t say “immigrant.” A person who has immigrated. Prisoner. A big NO on that one. A person who is incarcerated. Not a prisoner. Homeless person. Uh, uh. A person without housing. Handicapped parking. No, it’s accessible parking. Not handicapped. Nobody’s handicapped. Committed suicide, no, that would be too honest. Died by suicide. Blind Review has to be an anonymous review. Tone deaf is to become unenlightened. Can’t use blind or deaf. Addict. No, of course not. They probably don’t like words like druggie or crackhead, either. Call them a person with a substance abuse disorder ONLY. And the word brave is out. They don’t have another word for brave, so you can’t say it.

Blog Plugins Are Hot on the Trail

I have a plugin called “Yoast,” and it is a good plugin. However, they’re left-wing loons. They say they want you to grow your audience by being “inclusive.” One example is to be careful about using “men” and “women” since they can be exclusionary.

Yoast also wants you to know that the goal should always be not to offend the other person. We say, “NO!” The goal is always free speech, and people need to toughen up and stop controlling everything and everyone.

How long before blogs HAVE TO use the approved language?

The American Rescue Plan Is Hot on the Trail

The latest award, funded through President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, was granted to researchers at the University of Washington in March to develop technologies that could be used to protect online users from discriminatory language. The researchers have already received $132,000 and expect total government funding to reach $550,436 over the next five years.

How is this rescuing us???

The Government Is Blowing Our Money on Controlling Speech

The National Science Foundation has spent millions in tax dollars at least since 2017, on microaggressions. They are a taxpayer-funded far-left Foundation.

We are working hard to pay for “gender” theorists and fringe ideologues to study imaginary problems like “microaggressions.”

In 2017, a professor received $200,000 to study microaggressions. The professor is studying “microaggressors,” which are presumably the perpetrators of microaggressions, across the science education programs of seven different universities.

The Foundation awarded three IowaStateU professors a $248,000 research grant to study “gender microaggressions” among engineering students. 

The National Science Foundation announced in 2018 that it is spending over $350,000 studying “microaggressions” in college engineering programs. The Feds – our tax dollars – paid the freight.

The Free Beacon wrote:

Conservative watchdog groups raised alarm over the Biden administration’s funding of the research, telling the Washington Free Beacon the project represents a White House effort to curb free speech online.

“It’s not the role of government to police speech that some might find either offensive or emotionally draining,” said Dan Schneider, vice president of the Media Research Center’s free speech division. “Government is supposed to be protecting our rights, not suppressing our rights.”

Exactly. The government wants to moderate all content. This is a trail we don’t need to follow, and it needs to stop.


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