Biden’s Gaza Pier Is Being Towed Away


The Progressive Democrat pier in Gaza is being towed away to Israel due to heavy seas. It will end up in the Israeli port of Ashdod to wait for better weather. It has gone through very predictable setbacks.

The Gaza humanitarian aid pier, first conjured up by Joe Biden or his handlers, lasted about 12 days when it broke up on the heavy seas and bad weather, typical in the area at this time of year.

The $320 million pier was repaired at great expense – 15,000,000 a day.

The looting is so bad that the UN even stopped delivering food to it because it’s constantly ransacked by Hamas when they aren’t shooting rockets at it.

They started launching rockets at the pier even before it was put together.

When it broke up the first time, a lot of it ended up in Gaza and the parts were irretrievable. Some of the parts sank. Ships moored to it, and others trying to rescue the pier were beached, along with some of the pier parts.

Trying to get food to Gazans is extremely difficult since Hamas loots it before it gets anywhere.

Additionally, thousands of Israel soldiers are in harm’s way handling the food while they should be fighting their war.

The trucks are still the best alternative.

Senior US defense officials said the pier system is unsustainable due to the weather. They knew that before the pier was even put together, someone hadn’t listened.

Seven million plus pounds of food were delivered in the past month, but Hamas got most of it.

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