Most Aid Was Stolen from Biden’s Pier, Collecting Pier Pieces Costs $15M a Day


The Biden pier was supposed to deliver 150 truckloads of aid to Gaza each day. Unfortunately, only 40 loads made it to the beach, and some of those loads were grabbed by looters.


As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Biden’s pier broke up in the area’s typically bad weather and rough seas. The floating pier wasn’t made to sustain the winds in the area. After 12 days of existence, the $320 million pier floated away to Israel and the Gaza shore. Some of the pieces were retrieved by the US, taken apart, and removed by trucks for a rebuild of this bad idea with good intentions.

Some of the pieces sank.

The rebuild is expected to cost US taxpayers at least 15 million dollars per day.

The US can’t put boots on the ground, so they need a pier. Israeli troops have to guard it from shore. It’s unsafe for them and keeps them from their war mission.

Some of the pieces beached in Gaza would probably be too dangerous to retrieve, so they will be abandoned. Cha-ching goes the cash register.

The US troops are somewhat out of danger [except for the Hamas rockets] since they aren’t onshore.

However, 1,000 Israeli soldiers are onshore risking their lives.

Looters get much of the aid when it hits the shore and sell it to their people. The reporter in the clip below said some of the money probably buys weapons.

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